imageWhat is a trout bum ?

Trout bum is an affectionate nickname for dedicated trout anglers, particularly those who practice fly fishing.

I’m an avid Fly Fisherwoman living in south central Pennsylvania. I belong to The Codorus  Creek  Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I believe in not leaving my footprint in nature. I am concerned about climate control, air pollution, environment issues, and chemical pollution of our creeks, streams, river, and oceans. Why do we as a society continue to destroy our precious planet ?

I created this blog as a means to get input and ideas on keeping our streams pristine. What are your ideas on social issues affecting our waterway? Example of social issues in Pennsylvania are fracking, chemical pollution of waterways. The one near my home is Codorus creek.

Marybeth Norton Fishing at Yellow Beeches behind Allentown[

Codorus Creek runs through many farmlands where farmers are raising chickens. The area of the stream I fish a trophy trout area contains wild Brookies.

I fish Penns Creek, Pine Creek, Cedar Run, Yellow Breeches, Clark Creek, Big Spring, Fisherman’s Paradise, and Conewago Creek all in Pennsylvania. Yellow Breeches is the stream I fish the most.

I learned how to fly fish when I was 8 yrs old in Maine. I have been fly fishing ever since. In the last 5 years, I have taken up fly tying. I have learned how much goes into correlating etymology, understanding the mayfly cycle. Through journaling most of the streams I frequent I have learned when some of the hatches appear as well as the time of day.

Walking along these streams I see trash, dead fish and some oil slicks in the streams. When a stream is choked with algae because pollution is so bad mankind needs to look at the affects on our environment.


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