Spring Creek at Fly Fishermans Paradise

I spent Saturday fishing Spring Creek ! It was extremely hot! Flames were coming out of my waders so I jumped in my car and turned on the air aaahhh!  I returned to my cabin determined to return Sunday and resume fishing! I spent the evening reading “Fisherman are Liars” by John G .

I hit the sack early so I could rise early! I ate breakfast, made lunch, grabbed fishing gear and headed back to Spring Creek! Pulling into the parking lot; I observed a  few tables set up and people milling around! Turns out Spring Creek Chapter of TU was having its biweekly Veterans Program.

I met  Joe Humphries and Rod Rohrbach. Rod was quite the character. Turns out he used to own LeHigh Fly Fishing shop but retired to travel and fish the world. On Saturday, he shared a lot of his fishing strategies and experiences. Since 2010 he has been traveling the US fishing.

Joe Humphries And Rod Rohrbach Joe Humphries and Rod Rohrbach

Joe Humphries was nice enough I to give me casting lessons. Joe is such a humble man. I wanted to capture this Kodak moment so Rod took a picture of us.

Joe Humphries & Me Joe Humphries & Me

The Veterans Program run by Spring Creek incorporates the entire family. One of the events was to present an elderly veteran with an award and the members took him fishing down on the creek even though he was in a wheelchair.

The photo below shows the mission statement and all information Spring Creek Chapter does

Spring Creek TU Display